Skills, Capabilities & Career History

Things I Can Help You With

Starting Something

Product strategy. Vision work. Value props. Market research & analysis. User research… All of the things that go into planning and deciding about a new product or service for your company.

Bringing It To Life

Agile design sprints. Concept design. Prototyping. User validation. POC work… To make the ideas and plans of your product visible.

Making It Stick

Product design, Experience design, Visual design, Pitching & presentations, Storytelling & story dev… Pretty much everything that is required to make and sell a great product.

Making It Better

Heuristic analysis. Testing facilitation. Research & analysis. UX / UI improvements. Growth hacking… Maybe you are on the market to further develop your product / service. Let me help you with that.

Getting Through

Agile design coaching. Sprint facilitation. Team management. Team sourcing. Budgeting… Grinding the everyday can be tough for even the best of us. Let me lift some of that pressure off.

Inspiring Yourself & Others

Culture coaching. Mentoring. Workshop facilitation. Public speaking. Team fun… It can’t all be just bread and butter. Sometimes you need something extra on top.

A Digital Design Professional From Helsinki

I’m Joakim Schonert, a digital design professional from Helsinki Finland. With a quarter century of experience in the fields of digital design, strategy and advertising I consider myself a true professional with a proven record of successful projects and business ventures under the proverbial belt. I have build and led client relationships, design projects, advertising campaigns and digital strategies for numerous large national and international businesses all the while founding and managing a few design / advertising agencies, startups and other business endeavours. I am an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for learning, networking, emerging technologies and design

Businesses I Have Co-Founded

POP Table
Founded in 2013 POP Table is an online shop for customisable designer tables. Crafted with love. My role: Partner, Board member.
N2 Nolla
Founded in 2011 N2 Nolla is the service design part of N2 Helsinki. N2 Nolla excels in the development of digital user experiences, innovation and user research. My role: Partner, Board member, Design Director.
Founded in 2000 Ego was the digital arm of Taivas Group. Over the years Ego grew to be the biggest company within the group and was finally merged to advertising agency Taivas in 2008. My role: Partner, Board member, CEO, Client Service Director.
Can’t take too much credit for this because a lot of talented people contributed to the founding of Sulake – internationally known for Habbo Hotel. My role: Partner, Board member, Managing Director.
Now known as the host of Grand One awards RE was also an editorial website covering digital, interactive media and advertising. My role: Partner, Board member.

Companies I Have Worked With / At

#1 Lean Service Creation agency. I currently work here as Design Director. Design team management and client work.
Ottoboni is a pan-nordic customer experience agency. I’ve worked there as Service Design Lead for various clients and sectors.
D11 Helsinki
D11 is a consultancy focusing on digital disruption. I’ve worked there as a Strategist for the financial client sector.
N2 excels in advertising for the digital / social era. Before founding Nolla I worked at N2 as an Strategy Director.
Once ranked as the #1 agency in Finland Taivas was the fastest growing agency in the Nordics circa 2002. I worked in Taivas as a Director looking after some of the biggest clients within the group.
Visual Systems
Starting in ’94 as employee number three, I watched this company grow to 150+ people over a period of five years and then merge in to the finnish IT giant Tieto. Over the years I acted in multiple roles and positions: Designer, Group Director, CTO etc.