Helsinki Learning

New Platform For Learning

The City of Helsinki is in the process of building a new digital platform for all of its’ educational tasks and demands. The project as a whole will be ongoing for years to come but I was fortunate to be able to lead the team determining the architecture and building blocks for further development of the services provided by the platform.

My role:

Design direction, visual design, ux-design

Project deliverable:

Design system, prototypes, dev handover materials.

Together with:


Time period:

Ca. 2017

Above: as part of an early learning initiative we met up parents of various (child) age groups to discuss, workshop and test ideas / prototypes.

Basic building blocks of the design system above. These elements would go on to form the foundation for the Helsinki Design System (HDS) as a whole.

Above & below: a selection of screen in different sizes depicting the look & feel of a service aimed at parents managing theirs children’s application process.

Another side of the concept work targeted the education personnel. Pictured above a console for managing pupil groups & classes.